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Capcom announces next-gen Street Fighter sequel, return to rollback netcode

Ryu is back (and bearded, hubba hubba). Welcome to the world of <em>Street Fighter 6</em>.
Enlarge / Ryu is back (and bearded, hubba hubba). Welcome to the world of Street Fighter 6.


After years of speculation, rumors, and teases, Capcom confirmed the inevitable: a new generation of Street Fighter is coming.

The Japanese game studio concluded a week-long countdown with a Monday-morning unveil of Street Fighter 6. The 30-second teaser video focuses squarely on two lead characters: the classic dragon-punching Ryu, and the series’ newest character Luke (introduced as DLC in Street Fighter V). After the camera lingers over shifting fingers, wiggling toes, and bouncing muscles, it zooms out to show the rivals stare each other down and rev up attacks, each accentuated by brief paint-splash effects.

While this trailer clearly doesn’t include “final” gameplay (or, really, any game-like combat), the brief footage zooms in on elements like fingernails, hair, and clothing, as if to suggest that we’re seeing the game’s planned level of real-time detail (as opposed to a pre-rendered cinema sequence). Capcom has yet to confirm what 3D engine this game will run on, but from first glance, the trailer’s hair animations and reflective skin resemble characters seen in RE Engine games like Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village.

"Footage represents a game still in development." I mean, of course. There aren't even health bars yet!
Enlarge / “Footage represents a game still in development.” I mean, of course. There aren’t even health bars yet!


The trailer concludes with a brand-new Street Fighter 6 logo, which sees the letters “SF” surrounded by an MMA-styled hexagon. Could this mean the game will emulate the grappling-heavy mechanics of popular productions like UFC? Or did Capcom simply pick a six-sided shape in honor of the game’s number?

Street Fighter 6 announcement teaser

Either way, Capcom ends the trailer by suggesting fans won’t see more SF6 news until “this summer,” which probably means the game’s development period is still quite early. Capcom wasn’t ready to announce target platforms, despite the two characters looking far more detailed and realistic than any other Capcom fighting game.

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