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Gran Turismo 7 will rejigger its game economy after backlash

Don't let <em>GT7</em>'s grind rain on your parade, the economy is being fixed.
Enlarge / Don’t let GT7‘s grind rain on your parade, the economy is being fixed.


When Gran Turismo 7 launched earlier this month, it was no surprise that the game’s economy was not exactly forgiving. But displeasure among players boiled over a couple of weeks later after a bungled update took down the game servers—and therefore basically the entire game—for more than a day.

Now, the head of Polyphony Digital, Kazunori Yamauchi, has published a post at the PlayStation blog to apologize to players and let them know the studio has been listening:

I would like to apologize for the frustration and confusion caused last week with our patch updates which resulted in not only a server outage but also adjustments to the in-game economy which were made without a clear explanation to our community.

Every player who had a copy of the game by the time the post went live in the early hours of Friday morning will, at some point in the very near future, find an extra million in-game credits in their account as a goodwill gesture.

But bigger changes are in store for the game’s April update. This will revamp the in-game economy, increasing payouts by as much as 100 percent for some races, as well as adding better rewards for completing the Circuit Experience section of the game.

Endurance races will also appear, with eight one-hour races added to the Missions section of the game. Yamauchi says that these races will have higher reward payouts. Similarly, the payouts for online races are increasing.

Players will now be able to accumulate 100 million (non-microtransaction) credits as opposed to just 20 million credits, which may come as welcome news to those busy exploiting the game with Remote Play PC scripts to earn credits.

Other tweaks will expand the game. Yamauchi says that the game will get “a few additional patches deployed between now and the end of April, which will add new cars and course layouts.” Other near-term updates include more endurance races (including 24-hour races), the ability to sell cars, and more races at the game’s various world circuit locations.

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