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Lego’s latest millennial nostalgia-bait is a 1,508-piece transformable Optimus Prime

If you’re tired of having to choose between your Lego bricks and your Transformers at playtime, Hasbro and the Lego Group have teamed up to solve your problem. A new Optimus Prime kit, due out on June 1 for $169.99, is both a 1,508-piece Lego set and a fully functional Transformer with 19 points of articulation.

In addition to transforming from a robot into a truck, the Optimus Prime kit includes a jetpack, an ion cannon, and an Energon ax and cube—everything your Lego Optimus Prime will need to fight Lego Decepticons if any ever make it to Earth.

Optimus Prime comes with the accessories you'd expect, also in Lego form.
Enlarge / Optimus Prime comes with the accessories you’d expect, also in Lego form.

The Lego Group

The Optimus Prime collaboration is the latest Lego set aimed at a very specific audience: formerly Lego-loving kids who have grown up and acquired a source of disposable income. Past entries in this series include a scale-model Lego Nintendo Entertainment System with a “working” TV, a folding question block set that re-creates some of Super Mario 64‘s most recognizable worlds in miniature, and the entirety of the Lego Art lineup.

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