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Lenovo brings 16:10 trend to the small screen

Lenovo ThinkVision m14d
Enlarge / Lenovo ThinkVision M14d.

Scharon Harding

We’ve been watching PC screens get taller, especially those of laptops, and now Lenovo is bringing that trend to its ThinkVision line of small screens. Today, it announced the ThinkVision M14d, Lenovo’s first portable monitor with a 16:10 aspect ratio.

Lenovo’s other portable monitors, as well as most PC displays, use the 16:9 aspect ratio these days. But more customers are embracing options with additional vertical space, citing a nostalgia for screens of the past and more length to display long articles, spreadsheets, and such as marked improvements. Lenovo is touting the display as the first 14-inch, 16:10 portable monitor, based on research analyst Omdia conducted in December.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay committed to 16:10. Lenovo demoed the monitor’s 16:9 button to Ars Technica. It takes the screen from 16:10 to 16:9, or vice versa, with one press.

It took about 3 seconds, which felt long, but most people likely won’t be changing it back and forth frequently.

Lenovo is showing a lot of interest in 16:10 at the Mobile World Congress that started in Barcelona today. Beyond the M14d, Lenovo is putting 16:10 screens in all of its ThinkPads, except for the L-series, moving forward.

The M14d has a decent number of pixels for its size, with 2240×1400 resolution for an impressive pixel density of 188 pixels per inch. Color coverage for the IPS panel is a claimed 100 percent sRGB.

Port-wise the M14d has two USB-C ports, including power passthrough at up to 65 W, so it can power less energy-hungry laptops, like ultraportables. It’s meant for portability itself, weighing 1.3 lbs and measuring 0.18 inches thick.

Left to right: USB-C port, brightness down, brightness up, aspect ratio button.
Enlarge / Left to right: USB-C port, brightness down, brightness up, aspect ratio button.

We saw the M14d in person briefly and were happy to see that it carries the same standout kickstand found in Lenovo’s other portable monitors, like the ThinkVision M14. While many portable monitors force you to fold a flimsy sleeve into a makeshift stand, Lenovo’s portable monitors have an integrated dual kickstand and can tilt between -5 to 90 degrees. In addition to the larger kickstand where the ports are, there’s a smaller kickstand directly under the monitor’s bottom bezel that also gives the display a little extra height.

Lenovo keeps the portable monitor stand and sleeve separate, as they should be, and includes a sleeve with the portable monitor.

Included sleeve.
Enlarge / Included sleeve.

Scharon Harding

The M14d will release in July for $300.

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Listing image by Scharon Harding

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