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Peloton launches a $90 forearm-worn heart-rate monitor with LED indicators

Promotional image of a man wearing a Peloton arm band working out.

Peloton has just launched a new forearm-worn heart-rate band that will replace the company’s current chest-strap monitor. The $90 heart-rate monitor (HRM) uses optical sensors rather than the electrodermal ones found on the chest strap it will soon replace.

Meant for use with the Peloton suite of exercise equipment, the original HRM retailed for $50 and is now being sold for $34 while supplies last. It uses ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to equipment and track effort levels. The new strap lacks ANT+, but it will have the same functions and log heart rate and heart-rate zones while contributing to Peloton’s proprietary Strive Score metric. The exclusion of ANT+ means that some third-party equipment (particularly those that lack Bluetooth) won’t be compatible with the latest strap.

The new heart-rate band adds five multicolor LEDs to relay information about your heart-rate zones, the strap’s battery level, and connectivity status. The battery is also now rechargeable, unlike its predecessor, and it’s rated for about 10 hours of use.

Chest-worn heart-rate straps use electrical currents to measure heart rate. They are typically more accurate than optical sensors that rely on proper positioning and can be less accurate for people with darker skin tones or obesity. Chest straps can be uncomfortable or even impossible to wear for some, so the option for something arm-based can be helpful—especially since it comes in two sizes, small and large.

Peloton’s heart-rate monitor is available today for $90 in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany. It’s compatible with all Peloton equipment, including the forthcoming Peloton Guide, an Xbox Kinect-like tracker that connects to a TV to monitor and track Peloton-sourced exercises of all kinds.

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